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Our brand NEW single "We Gonna Get Through" is available now!

While much of The Medicinals music fits centered under the reggae umbrella, “We Gonna Get Through” skirts the perimeter. While maintaining an essence of reggae, the overall concoction, propelled by brass that calls for people to stand up and march, vibes more like a funky Afrobeat/modern rock mashup. This instrumentation shifts the lyrical message of perseverance from simply a song of hope to one that has purpose, making “We Gonna Get Through” an anthem to rally the brave agents of change demonstrating in our streets to continue fighting the good fight.” - Dave Sheffman


And though The Medicinals are fairly traditional with their one-drop moves and deep-dish grooves, there is a lush underpinning that adds additional texture and tone spice. It’s happy but not frivolous, and serious all the while, assuring cynics and optimists alike that they are actually gonna get through. This single rocks steady.” - Frank de Blase

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